10 tips to help manage your acne

There are a few things you can do to care for your skin and help reduce the chance of a breakout. If you have any questions, talk to your dermatologist.

TIP #1: Wash daily

Cleanse your face once or twice daily with an acne-friendly wash to keep breakouts at bay.

TIP #2: Try not to stress

It’s hard to not stress out about your acne, or life in general, but it can trigger a breakout.

TIP #3: Sleep clean

Wash your pillowcases and sheets regularly, as they absorb oil and can transfer it to your face when you snooze.

TIP #4: Go oil-free with make-up

Look for “non-comedogenic” on the label. This means they don’t contain ingredients that can clog pores.

TIP #5: Shield your skin from the sun

Acne products can make your skin more sensitive to UV light, so protect your face!

TIP #6: Stop the pop!

Popping, picking and squeezing are no-no’s: they can release bacteria, and make acne worse.

TIP #7: Don’t overscrub

Cleansing is good, but be careful not to overscrub as this can irritate your skin.

TIP #8: Go easy on yourself

Do you know anyone who’s never had a pimple? Remember that you’re not alone.

TIP #9: Be more hands-free

Try not to touch your face repeatedly during the day, as this can trigger a breakout.

TIP #10: Talk to your doctor

If your acne is bothering you, ask your doctor what can be done. If you’re on treatment, check-in regularly with your doctor.

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